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You are probably wondering what it is that you can do to increase your results in your business and you may also be tired of switching network marketing companies.

I have some great news for you! If you follow the directions in my 90 day blitz series, you will see results in your business like you have never seen before! After running hard for 90 days, not only will you never have to even think about switching network marketing companies again, but you will have gotten a ball rolling that you won’t be able to stop.

If you truly take off and run harder in your business then you have ever run…. You won’t recognize your business and will be amazed by the results!

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There are two very important steps that you need to take when preparing for a blitz!

Step #1 – Design A Campaign For Your Blitz

When designing your campaign for your 90 day blitz there are many different things you can structure it around. You will need to decide what kind of campaign fits you best and what you are most passionate about. Here are a couple of ideas for you to get you started.

  • General team growth
  • Personal Blitz or Group Blitz? (At least part of it needs to always be personal as you need to lead by example)
  • Product
  • Home Parties
  • Rank Advancement
  • An Event

Step #2 – Write Your 90 Gameplan Story!

Creating your own story is important for several reasons. First off, you need to know why you are doing this. Remember, a 90 day blitz is not an easy undertaking…. most people will want to quit long before the blitz is over! If you know why you are doing it and you wrote a great story, you will push through the hard times and successfully complete your 90 day blitz!

Second, people will buy into your campaign first, your story and you second and the company third… That is why it is so important to craft your story perfectly! You want to have it down so that when people ask, in 2 mins or less you can get your message across. If you do this correctly, people will be compelled to join you! Here are several questions that you can ask yourself that will help you write your story.

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What results are you expecting?
  • How will people benefit?
  • What kind of people are you looking for?
  • What is your gameplan?
  • What kind of support will you offer?

Notice how several of the questions were relating to how your potential prospects/team members would benefit. This is a crucial part of your story because if you can get them to see what is in it for them, you will win 9 times out of 10!

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I will break down the 90 day blitz even further! Like I said before, if you commit to this blitz, your business will explode! Heck, you might even have other network marketing companies trying to recruit you!

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