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It’s no secret that getting to industry specific and company specific events can help you grow your business…. So why is it that so many people have a problem with attending events?

Network-Marketing-EventsNow I have heard just about every excuse in the book when it comes to reasons why not to attend an event… I dont have the money, I have to work, Once I see some results I will go….. The truth is, none of that crap matters! All of those things are just excuses….

Here is the deal… If you are serious about your business and you want to do well in the home business industry you MUST make it to at least your company specific events! If you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen! IMG_4418To the right is our company event last weekend! 12.5K people in attendance!


In todays video I discuss all the reasons why you NEED to get to your company events! Check it out below.

There are 3 main benefits of getting to your network marketing companies events.

#1 – Training

All companies in the industry have phenomenal leaders that come together to train and give back to the reps at an event once a year. These industry leaders have built huge organizations and know exactly how to succeed in this industry. Get to the events so you can receive some of the most amazing training that is specific to your company or niche!

#2 – Belief

When you get around the campfire and see that there are thousands of other people just like you participating in an amazing opportunity, your belief level will go through the roof! What is that going to do to help me? You might ask… When your belief level is through the roof, you will have much more posture when you talk to prospects. If you start getting objections or negativity, you will be able to handle like a pro because you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are in the right place at the right time with the right people! When you have a high level of belief, NOTHING will shake you!

#3 – Networking

When you get to an event, you are going to meet some of the most amazing people you have ever met in your life! I have met some of my best friends at company events. Not only will you meet team members, you will also meet and create relationships with leaders in the company which can be huge! Building a relationship with your team is the best way to encourage retention and duplication so make sure to meet up with your team members and hang out with them! The speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack… Get to events and your team will follow your lead!

I know for a fact that if you start attending events and getting your team to them, you will be amazed by the growth that happens in your own life and on your team! 

To Your Success,


Robert Minarich

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