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Network Marketing Tips: Would you prefer more prospects to be chasing you down rather than you chasing them down?

That is exactly what will start happening to you once you have properly branded yourself and people look at you as an expert in your field! Now don’t get me wrong…. Building your networking marketing business the traditional way is great. But there is nothing better than having prospects reach out to you and beg to take a look at your opportunity and/or join your team!

So what is attraction marketing exactly you may ask? Well a basic explanation would be that attraction marketing is implementing certain actions and routines that cause prospects to be attracted to you and want to seek your advice or work with you.

In todays video I share several network marketing tips with you regarding how you can leverage attraction marketing to grow your business and brand! 

Check Out Todays Video Here: 

There are many different marketing methods you can incorporate into your business model that will cause you to attract prospects.

The one that I am most passionate about is blogging! I never really thought I would be a blogger until I realized how powerful it could be and how a blog was a great platform to get my message out to the masses! Video is another tool I use on almost a daily basis to connect with my audience. Now as I explained in the video above, it is important to brand you and not the company you are associated with.

When you brand you, there will be no worry as to whether or not a company goes under or mistreats you or whatever might happen…. When all of your social media is branded to you, you could literally switch companies and your audience might not even know….

One of the greatest things you can market that will attract others to you is your lifestyle! are you going on fun trips or vacations? Perhaps you are attending company events with your team? Document all these fun events with pictures and share them with your audience! This will cause to people to not only be curious about what you do, but also want to join on your adventures!

Check Out This Video I Shot When I Was On Our Team Trip! 

If you share videos and pictures of your lifestyle and show everyone how much fun you have… That will be the best type of attraction marketing you can do!

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