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You are probably thinking to yourself, I am not that good at network marketing recruiting…. No way! 20 people in 30 days…. Really? Well I am here to tell you that it is totally possible and I am going to share with you exactly how.

There are 9 specific tnetwork-marketingips that I am going to cover today. If you follow these tips and commit to a 30 day run in your business, you should have no problem achieving the goal of 20 signups in 30 days! There is one major thing that I must cover before I go into the tips though….

When it comes to making a run of activity in your business, you must make a personal decision. You must decide that no matter what you are going to hit your goal and that failure is not an option. You need to know that what you are about to do something that you will put 100% into!

So many people start things like this and then by day 3 or 4 they burn out and the passion they had in the beginning vanishes…. They let the fire go out! You must always remember the most important rule in this industry…. Pay Attention, Get Excited And Never Quit!  The tips are as follows:

Tip #1 – Write Your Story

It is super important that you are able to share why you are doing what you are doing. You need to have a compelling reason, something more than the typical “I want to make more money”. Have a why the means something special to you and that ignites your passion for achieving your goals!

Tip #2 – Pick Your 30 Day Window

Its important to have a specific time frame laid out so that you know exactly when your start and end dates are. I like to start right after a major event. What better time than when you are all fired up after just attending an amazing training event!

Tip #3 – Remove Everything Else From Your Calendar

I mean everything! If it doesn’t have to do with building your business it gets cancelled. Some might think this is over the top, but winners don’t make excuses. almost anything can be scheduled for another time 30 days in the future. If you have to cancel some plans… oh well… people will understand and if they don’t, they will get over it….

Tip #4 – Sacrifice!

What do I mean by this? I mean no more of your favorite TV show… The TV isn’t going to get you paid. No more guy/ladies night out! Your friends will still be there when the 30 days is up. Cut out all activities that don’t have to do with building your business or growing your team!

Tip #5 – Talk With Your Family

Sit down with your significant other as well as your children if you have them and explain what it is that you are about to do. Let them know that you are doing this for them and that once its done you will do something special for them. Ask your family to help keep you on track as well.

Tip#6 – Eliminate All Distractions

Cut out anything and everything that distracts you. If that means shutting down Facebook and closing the internet browser while you make calls, then by all means…. Do it! You do not have time to be distracted if you plan to hit this goal!

Tip #7 – Put Your Existing Team On Hold

Let your existing team know what it is that you are doing and refer them to someone else if they need anything. You might also consider asking serious team members to join you in your blitz! This can be a great team building exercise as long as it is structured correctly.

Tip #8 – Create A Fresh List

Making a new list is an important step. Most people just want to dig out the old list and go from there…. Don’t even think about it! Get a notebook and start writing down names and contact info. Before you know it you will have a list of 100 people which is plenty to get started! 

Tip#9 – Sharpen Your Skills

You must always remain a student and continue to learn from industry leaders. The person that stop learning stop growing… Be sure to schedule in at least 30 mins a day for personal development and training.

I hope these tips have been helpful. If they have, be sure to leave me a comment below as well as share it with your friends and team! 

To Your Success,


Robert Minarich

Cell: 541-357-8560


Feel free to reach out to me if you are struggling and in need or some help. I would be happy to set up a free coaching call with you.

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