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Network marketing events are crucial to the success of your business for several reasons! 

I just recently returned from an amazing event in Austin Texas called Live The Dream 5, this event was host by My Lead System Pro. Now this event was specifically based around internet marketing, but it was amazing and I learned a ton! Not only were all the speakers and trainers amazing, but the people that I met were wonderful and the relationships that I built are going to last a lifetime! Be on the lookout for some great new training on things I learned at the event!

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There are three specific reason why I think that you should be getting to events. The first reason is that…

Events Build Belief!

The first event that I went to with my current company literally caused a shift in my mind. I went into the event not knowing what to expect at all, but I trusted my gut and opened my mind and had the most amazing experience! Getting around that man people that are all doing the same thing that I am and believe the same things that I do was an amazing feeling and it really helped me understand that no matter what my friends and family may say about it, I know I am in the right place at the right time! The second reason to attend industry events..

The Training At Events Is Top Notch! 

The training that you will receive at an industry event or a company event is by far the best! You will get to hear from industry leaders, top earners, experts, etc. Get your notepad ready because you are going to fill it up! Make sure you are taking good notes, because you will be able to use the training you receive and pass it on to your team members that couldn’t make it to the even. However I highly recommend you get your team to events! If you build to events and then get your team there, your business will catch fire and grow like crazy! The third reason that you need to be attending events is…

The People You Meet Are Amazing! 


I have met some of my best friends at industry and company specific events! The networking and relationship building that happens at events is second to none! You will not only be able to get closer to your team and build those relationships, but you will create many new ones and even have some time to be able to recruit new people into your business. Every time I attend an event, I am prospecting and building relationships. You never know who’s life you might impact and that is what its really all about!

To Your Success!


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