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Ever wondered why your home business just isn’t taking off? You are not alone…

The majority of home business owners are asking the same question… How to be successful in network marketing? The truth is, there are a lot of factors that come into play in regards to network marketing success. So many people think that they can simply sign up and then watch their check grow without doing a damn thing…. Unfortunately, thats not the way this business model works… We aren’t talking about the lottery here folks…

However, throughout my time in this industry and due to the coaching I have recieved, I have discovered three key activities that will ensure you are successful in network marketing!

Check out todays video below all about successful multi level marketing!

The three tips that will help insure that you build a successful home based business are as follows.

Tip #1 – Daily Personal Development

Plugging into personal development is crucial! I recommend at least 20-30 mins daily. This can be video, audio, or book format as long as you are working on yourself and your mindset daily. I personally find it easiest to use If you download the app on your phone, you can listen to audiobooks on the go. This works fantastic for me and saves me time!

Tip #2 – Prospecting 3-5 People Daily

This is for sure the most important tip! If you are not prospecting, your team and business aren’t growing. You need to be sure and focus the majority of your time on profit producing activities. If you want to grow your business at a fair pace, show your presentation to 3 people per day. If you want to grow your business fast, show you presentation to 5+ people every day!

Prospecting daily will not only and people to the team that you enroll, but it is going to kickstart your team by getting them excited. An excited team produces at a much higher level than a team with no leadership or excitement. Be an example to your team members!

Tip #3 – Attend All Company Sponsored Events

Attending events is something that I believe in wholeheartedly! When I first got rolling with my current company, it was the events that really kickstarted my business. When you get around the fire you get inspired! Simple as that! The connections you make and the relationships you build are just as amazing as the training! Not only will the company events be beneficial to you, but you will also set a great example for your team by attending and its a great way to get to know your team!

Here is a great article by Entrepreneur Magazine on the topic: 7 Tips For Network Marketing Success

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