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Why WordPress?

A free WordPress blog is something that really any smart marketer should have. The greatest part about it…. Its FREE! WordPress is frequently mistaken as a simple blogging platform. The reason for that assumption is that when it was first started, WordPress WAS just a simple blogging platform. However now it has evolved into something much more versatile! One of the key reasons why WordPress has grown in popularity is that its easy to use and its extremely flexible when it comes to creating your site. Wordpress

Freedom Of Design!

Whether you simply want to create a basic blog or you want to create an elaborate website, WordPress can handle the task. The platform can be navigated even by the most novice person. The part that I love about WordPress is how free it allows you to be when it comes to design. Between the over 2600 themes and the 31000+ plugins, you can pretty much set up your site exactly customized to your specifications. Now if you are someone that has no clue about how to build a website… Save yourself the time and frustration and hire someone else to do it that knows what they are doing! There are tons of resources out there where you can find people to create a simple WordPress blog for you for a very reasonable price. There are many other platforms out there, such as Wix and Square Space, however both of those platforms limit the amount of changes you can make because they are not open source.

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Don’t Be Intimidated! 

WordPress is a straightforward platform that is relatively easy to use! Are you wanting to set it up yourself, but concerned that you might mess something up? No worries, there are all kinds of videos on YouTube that will explain how to set up a WordPress blog. WordPress also has video tutorials on how to get started. Another important thing to remember about WordPress vs any other blogging platform or social media site out there is that once you publish content on your WordPress blog, you own it! No more getting accounts shut down or getting banned! You own all of your content and get to decide what happens with it yourself! The other great part about it is that once you put that content out there, its out there forever for people to find and take advantage of!

I hope you found value in this review and that I have inspired you to start your own WordPress blog!

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