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leadershipNot every one is born a natural leader. In fact, a lot of people have to learn how to become a leader. Assuming a leadership roll on your team is not always easy and its not always something that people are comfortable with. However, stepping into a leadership role is crucial to the growth of your team and business.

Remember that be a true leader isn’t about YOU at all, its about the people that you are leading and how you inspire and empower them. People WANT to be LED! So LEAD them!

This quote has always been a favorite of mine! “Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” John Maxwell

In todays video I share with you four tips that will help you become a better leader for your team. These tips will also help you start seeing more duplication. Check it out Here.

Tip #1 – Produce 

You have to go out there and start doing presentations and making sales if you want to influence your team to do the same! Your team is looking to you as an example and if you aren’t doing anything then neither will they!

Tip #2- Practice What You Preach

If you are telling your team to go out and take action on specific things then you need to be doing the same. Remember that you must lead by example. I also feel like that unless you have gone and done it, you can’t effectively train your team. So go out there and do it!

Tip #3- Shop Up

Don’t be the upline that gets your team going and then once you see a bit of success decide to let them do all the work. If you are looking to be respected as a team leader then you need to get down in the trenches with them! Go to battle with them and show them how its done. Your team will greatly respect you if you are leading the pack in the trenches instead of sending them in alone.

Tip #4- Celebrate The Yes’s And The No’s 

Teach your team to celebrate all decisions. Whether its a yes or a no, the most important thing is that they are taking action. Teach them to get addicted to the process rather than the outcome! Do this and you will win in a big way!

I look forward to seeing some awesome leaders rise up this year! Will you be one of them? Make a decision today! Decide to make this the best year ever for you and your team!

To Your Success,


Robert Minarich

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