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If you are looking to become a professional home business entrepreneur and strive to live a life of time and financial freedom, you have come to the right place!

Who Is Robert Minarich?

I grew up in a very tiny little town in northeast Oregon with a population of about 300 give or take a few.

Growing up in such a small little place was fantastic in ways and a challenge in others. I met the love of my life in high school and then we decided to go to college together as well. College was a blast and although as an entrepreneur I don’t always see higher education as a necessity, I don’t regret my experience because I learned so much about life and made some friendships that will last a life time! Shortly after college my wife and I got married. We and about 6 months after that we decided to buy our first home. My wife is always supportive of whatever it is that I am working on and I love her so very much for that. I will tell you this… It’s much easier to work a home business with your spouse rather than against them!

Jamie and IIt was my second year of college that I was introduced to the concept of network marketing. A mentor of mine and someone I respect very much introduced me to a business opportunity and I immediately knew that it was for me and jumped all over it! I worked this business for 5 years using traditional methods and struggling every step of the way….

Eventually I ran across some information about building a business using the internet and I was all ears! It was right around that time that I met some of the people that have dramatically changed my life! At that time I decided it was time for a change and I was ready! At least that’s what I was telling myself…

When I started online, I had no idea what I was doing and was hard headed and thought I could figure it all out! I mean honestly… how hard could it be to market products online? pffft! After years of struggling and really not getting anywhere, I changed my mind about the thought that I could figure internet marketing out on my own and reached out to industry leaders for coaching and mentorship.

This was the point when my whole business changed! Things started to make sense and I was finally starting to develop an understanding of what it was going to take to make money online! And then it happened! I developed paralysis by analysis syndrome! I went through course after course learning and training but made the number one mistake and didn’t implement what I was learning right away! This went on for quite some time until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired….

You see, there comes a point in your life that you realize if you follow the same path for the rest of your days… You’re not going to enjoy a single second of it! This truly is the breaking point! I hit that point! I finally realized that if I kept making excuses and procrastinating… I was never going to get anywhere in my business and ultimately becomeTeam 1 a failure….

Now failure is not something I take lightly! I told everyone I know that I was going to make my online business work and they told me I was crazy and that it would never work… Don’t challenge me!

I immediately got involved with the right people and invested in a coach and now life is very different! I made the decision to win! Winning the race isn’t just about coming in first… It’s about crossing the finish line! There is nothing in the world like watching my biz grow and actually getting leads and making money online daily! As well as growing a wonderful team/family and getting to hang out with some of my best friends all the time! We are now able to travel and see the world (one of our passions)! Peak life experiences should be created regularly! Rather than being stuck in your “J.O.B.” for the rest of your life, try taking consistent focused action for a short period of time in your life! At the end of that time period when you are making a healthy full time income and are free to do as you please, realize what you have done, you will be amazed and it will make your struggles totally worth it!

Now here is what I can tell you…. If you embrace this journey and respect the process you have to go through, you will get where you want to be and you will achieve success! You will go through some really hard times and some major struggles! But at the end of the day realize that you are doing the right thing and that if you stay consistent and focus, you have the power to do amazing things!

I am committed to doing all that I can to help you start your journey and grow into a success story! We are in this together so please feel free to reach out to me!

To Your Success,


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